Reflection Of Reality!

Reflection Of Reality! prose poem

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The world’s a big place, big place with large number of lives resting,
amongst them lives the mixture of feelings, for time is money and not an element to live,
air is just a source to exist not to breathe in a life,
so as I grew, I adapted these things like my habits and one fine day when sun rose rose from the west, rain droplets went up disagreeing the law of gravity of coming down,
I saw you, hadn’t those eyes of yours given attention to me,
yet I kept looking at them as they felt familiar,
in this world where people are jealous of unwanted growth of others,
I was jealous of those long hair which touched your lovely face every time you moved,
so round you turned regardless of all the hearts you killed with your smile,
you just walked and little did I worry about the world when I walked in your footsteps,
for that breeze was expressive that had you turned around looking at me,
while I was busy contacting with those deep eyes, those eyes which reflected me and not the world,
for those eyes reflected reality that my world was fake,
my world without you was an existence to comply,
closer you came to me, held my hand like an angel
and along with you took me to a journey of heaven,
neither did I resist, as reality could be my fiction with your gentility and equanimity…

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Vedant Wagholikar

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a world famous chef and a author as well as poet
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Enjoyed your poem:)


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