A Girl Without Dreams!

She was too smart to be herself
Too feeble to live for her own
She kept her dreams locked in her closet
They kept sulking and dying
Dejected, in their own cocoon.

In every ruin, she found her castle
Each Deprivation, as if her goal
No wonder if she was hailed all around
Numbness was now her Home!

It’s strange, how she escaped all rebellion resolutions
She hardly rejected any ludicrous beliefs.
Living in surrounding of happy faces
With expectations, she was perfectly at ease.

Then, Once, I saw butterflies on her T – Shirt
I was surprised, how they made their way
Was her soul undergoing some sort of revelation
With wisdom finally radiating it’s grace!

She was acknowledging nature with all its mysticism
Her spirit dancing in unison with its beauty
Her persona tasted the fruit of liberty
She felt stronger, with hopes converting into beliefs!

Her transformation put the realm in disorder
With anger, disapproval and rage
She was standing clueless amidst fallacy
Gosh! World was hideous, in nakedness.

While womanhood was tormented at world’s altar
Valour cried a million tears
Her vitality, pushed for degradation
Her being diminished, existence withered!

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