Shall we dance

Shall we dance ballad

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Hindsight of the past 3 years,
Reveal the growth of a new face.
The first instance of accidental “touch”-
Perhaps Fate knocking on our doors.
There onwards,
The pages of my journal
Were crusted with memoirs
That stirred the soul.
Steps taken slowly,
Seemed to be a big jigsaw puzzle,
That seemed automated
By the Hand of Time-
To miraculously
Fall in place.
Wisdom dawned,
In moments,
Unbraced for-
Yet awaited with bated breath
The beauty was an innocence
Coursing through
The shy glances.
The name had always hovered
Around – like a cushion.
Against all darkness.
A source of strength,
Lay beckoning in the eyes
Of my sorcerer.
The first finger-lacing
And hands entwined-
Felt like a call from Heaven
Like a known soul-meet.
Past life retrogression,
Seems to be of such importance now!
I need to know you through all lifetimes-
That we spin, circling around.
Of love and lust,
Is our fairy-tale,
Everyday, a new experience-
To learn and grow-
A second chance given to life?
Maybe we both had found each other-
At the time, meant right for us.
How can I put in words,
The wave of emotions,
That catch me in unguarded moments,
When I think of you?
Nothing can be apt,
To frame my feelings
For the completion you bestow-
My shining light,
Of so many lives.
Shall we dance now, love,
Throughout our lifetime?

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I thought this had so much to say between those lines. Poetry does that.
Hardly ‘snooty,rebellious,unforgiving,inconsiderate,careless,clumsy,thoughtless….’


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