So I Am 27!

So I Am 27! long poem

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So I am 27 now,
people says I am getting older now,
but it’s just the same child who has just learned to grow somehow.
Now I understand
what my goal is,
and what all are my priorities.
Priorities may be fake sometimes,
but goals will always be real.
Love can make you felt cheated, many times,
but that fire in you can always be used as a fuel.
Objects are the priorities, dreams are the goals,
love may not sleep with you every time,
but your dreams will never let you sleep alone.
Do what you think, think what you do,
life is one and it is very short too.
No matter what you think, there isn’t much time left,
Either have courage to protect them,
or don’t cry when there will be theft.
Mind has grown bigger and wiser now,
and wise people play safe every time,
but still this heart doesn’t have a mind.
It is still a child and it doesn’t have any thought,
but just a feeling of its own kind.
And feeling are always stronger than thoughts,
you might not have a path to follow,
but it will boost you with the emotion which it has got.
Emotion are known as the energy in motion,
sometimes It will make you do things without much prior precautions.
This can be good, this can be bad,
but who cares when you are going almost mad.
You may fall but it will make you rise again,
after all it’s just life which gives ups and downs,
because the curves of the dead, moves FLAT.
Life is what you make out of it,
play safe and you will get nothing from it,
go hard and find ways of doing things,
if you cannot find it then make it.
Life is precious and it’s always moving,
don’t waste it on waiting for anything,
keep on trying and keep on walking,
things may come back, but time will not return.
This is the art of living.
I am 27 now and till now this is what I have learned!!!

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Saurin Desai

wow, quite a bit by 27 🙂