Of Knots, Stains And Winter

Of Knots, Stains And Winter short poem

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Have you ever unfolded a sweater?
To rub your hand on it
To sniff the lingering scent of mothballs
And to touch the memories its yarn has

I do, I do it often
With my red sweater
It has many knots that I cherish
Many stains that never faded with time

When I am overwhelmed, I wear it
Thinking – it will rewind time
To that winter afternoon
When he spilled ginger chai on it

I caress the knots and contemplate
How we two were going through the same phase
Poor thing was once stuck in a broken window
Like my heart was stuck in him

Have you ever loved a sweater so much?
To wear it for years together
To feel him in it
And never give it away

Ah, winter!
I sew many memories in you
Ah, winter!
I sew many memories with you

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Nadeem Qazilbash

Well loved, well written. The memories never fade, the ‘kodak’ of our minds eye remains.


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