What Shall I Do!!

What Shall I Do!! short poem

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What shall I do with your money ..
Is it enough to buy my soul honey??
How does it matter with how many babes you sleep ?
Everything is in vain if one girl you can’t forever keep!!

What do I do with your clear and open intentions?
When I know they are shallow and mere pretensions!!
What will you do oh dear by showering so many gifts?
When your heart is poison and your actions are a reason for our rifts!!

You tell me you got looks and high is your sex appeal.
What will I do with it as its gonna fade and not be a big deal!
How can you be my king when I am not your queen.
You expect my whereabouts and I don’t even know where all you have been.

Oh Please take away your diamonds, rubies and amber!
Promises were the one I wanted you to remember.
Every time I close my eyes,there is only one thing I visualize.
We got to earn each other and for that we got to pay some price.

I don’t mind waiting for millions of years “but” you got to be “mine”.
So just stay with my memories as I got my “own” world to shine!!

Poet’s Note:
The poem is written by a girl who wants to convey to a guy whom she loves, that if he cannot offer her true love, his other assets are of no use.

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Nadeem Qazilbash

All power to the woman of today, who chooses to shine keeping the darkness away.


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