The Dog Days

The Dog Days short poem

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My master
In his tact tied
Astute tricks
As an alchemist
Enslaving me

My master
Ringed me
Caged me
Often fidgeted
With my softness
Teased me
Tamed to his tunes

I leapt
Licked his feet
Let myself be fondled
Jumped up
Ran in and out
To and fro
Every bit he threw

Wagged my tail of Admittance
Sniffed all the odors Of obedience

Just only for him
For my master
My ears sharpened
My eyes cared
Smelled the dangers
With bare dried throat
Barked every foe away

As an awkward being
Every instant I deign
He nudges me
Prods me
Pokes and
Shoves me

I wouldn’t out dare
Vituperated I retire
Retreat into
An austere alcove …

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Crazy when interacting with books, especially that of poetries. Always mad at scribbling down verses....... My first poetry collection in malayalam :JWALA was published in 2009. Now writing in magazines & journals.Written many poetries in English & Hindi too. Two more malayalam and an English poem collections are released. THE REFLECTION is brought out by AUTHORSPRESS, , New Delhi, India.
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Keith Wilson

I love the fluidity of your words and the tempo maintained throughout the poem. Devotion, servitude and enlightenment are such sweet notions to dwell on. Thank you Geetha


The love of a dog towards its master is so pure and loyal…is it really so common?


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