The Elf Queen

The Elf Queen short poem

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Lamps and lanterns left afloat
Adrift by the golden boat
A young girl lay sleeping within
Covered in silvery cloaks thin
The current glowed golden in the light
The beauty like a magical sight
Thousands of twinkling sparks
A lovely vision in the dark
Among the clouds, a full moon broke free
The first beam shone through the trees
Her eyes fluttered open wide
She rose, lit up by the lamps at her side
Slowly she let her robes fall
Stepped on the water with feet small
Skin so soft, shining pearly white
She walked on the water in the moon light
Head held up towards the sky
She began to levitate high
The breeze ruffling her golden hair
Arms outstretched in the air
Moonbeams converged on her
Thicker than a coat of fur
Radiant jewels studded her head
Finest pearls from the ocean bed
Adorned her neck and legs and wrists
The softest spray of dewy mists
Glistening on her cheeks and rosy lips
A diamond staff at her finger tips
Thus was born the next queen
Delicate as ever to be seen
Bestowed with ages of wisdom
To rule the vast lands of Elfdom

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Saurin Desai

very nicely written… And I am a big fan of LOTR and Elves are my favourite characters in there, so this truly made my day.


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