Place Of Distant Fields

Place Of Distant Fields short poem

Photo by Rennett Stowe

In those moments you succumb to the windless state,
before mills dormant arms
When you shed colored skies and scented breeze,
letters detach from their horizontal stance.
This familiar place of utter embraced distance,
this far edge of nameless field.
An ever present non-existent space
where the weightless heart lightly parts untouched grasses.
Where senses sleep in the soundless meadow.

Deeply do we love..adrift
within such undefinable space.

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Keith Wilson

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A marine science teacher who is deeply connected to the beauty of the natural world and is in endless wonder at the opportunities of discovery that each moment offers.
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9 Comments on "Place Of Distant Fields"

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Swathi Rao

Poem has so much depth.

asoke kumar mitra

excellent read. imagery used are very deep in feelings. enjoyed…….

Meghana Joshi

A state of perfect freedom and serenity beautifully depicted.


The poem is just like a beautiful landscape stirring the soul awake…Nice:)


This poem makes me think of those special times when I’m experiencing “twilight sleep”. When I’m dreaming, but half awake. I know it’s a dream, but I fight sometimes to stay in that beautiful place. You described it perfectly!


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