I Belong There

I Belong There prose poem

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And I almost caved in when I sat down on the sand dune
Like dancing serpents the sand particles danced before me
Enthralled me, swept me off to fall in love with them
I closed my eyes, breathed
Choosing to not notice the whirling winds,
Occasionally poking me with their sharp cold arrows;
I wonder how I appeared to them,
But the wind indeed appeared to me like a jealous lover.
I opened my eyes, Awestruck I looked around,
Miles and miles around I saw vast stretches of empty land
And all I heard was
The sand particles talking among themselves
At times arguing with the winds,
In some unknown language
Which I chose not to decipher
They were funny,
At times they rushed to the right,
At times to the left,
And at times they just whirled at the center.
I yearned, I told myself
“ I too wish to be like those sand particles, dancing merrily, breathing free”
I envied the freedom they boasted about.
It was then, when I was busy complaining about my fate
The wind shook me hard and said
“ A fool you are indeed,
It’s I, who take them to the right,
It’s I, who take them to the left,
It’s I, who compel them to whirl at the center”
Said this the wind paused.
Everything around came to a standstill.
I heard my breath now,
I felt my heartbeats,
I got up and walked free.
The sand got busy again rushing to some unknown direction, followed by the wind
And I left my cleansed soul right there on that sand dune
The Sand, the wind and some silent souls saw me disappear
Somewhere, to nameless direction
on that vast stretch of empty land.

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Nadeem Qazilbash

What a realization for the reader, beautifully expressed. We are bashed around by the wind, all the while thinking we are in control.


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