Touch short poem

Photo by Tobyotter

I knew,
you will come tonight, the nature’s fury , sand storm, dusty wind…..

you came
with rain,

touched my hand like a queen…

In my two eyes, moist clouds
filled with rain……
tears and tears, rolling down……

you touched with a smile
turned rain drops into pearls,
one by one made a garland
placed under my feet,

tears came down again in my silence…….

Let me go now, will be back again

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8 Comments on "Touch"

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turned rain drops into pearls,
one by one made a garland
placed under my feet,… there is a sense of such tactility and a sensual regard with that vision of a camera. It’s almost like a Ray film!

ammu sachariah

You portrayed the rain drops beautifully.Loved your poem


I read this poem earlier, i like your style and noticed the name beneath the write.!

Savi Mani

Dear friend beautiful poem, the touch coming as rain drops or rain drops coming as touch……felt the tears……felt the rain……nice poem……..short but lovely


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