Painful Love

Painful Love ballad

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All I feel is sorrow. Without your love I am sure there will be no tomorrow.
Your love seems to only bring me pain. It is like a stinging rain.
You lie and cheat. All I feel is utter defeat.
You have beat me down to the lowest low. I don’t know where which direction to go.
You say you love me but I realize now that they are only words there is no emotions or love from you. There is only pain and hurt. You make me feel lower than dirt.
You constantly look at other women prettier and much smaller than me. When will you set me free.
Free from all the pain and anguish you are causing me now. You have such power and all I can say is wow. I swore I would never be done this way again yet I fell for your love and deceit once more.
You close the door day after day. Why don’t you just love me.
Why do you insist on causing me such pain and agony.
Please just release the love you have for me buried so deep. My love has always been yours to keep.
Just look at what you have standing in front of you and quit making me so blue.
My love for you is pure, although I am beginning to think your heart I will never be able to truly lure.

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Cheryl Brown

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My name is Cheryl Brown. I am 41 years old. I love poetry and I love trying to write poetry.
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asoke kumar mitra

lovely pain………lovely write…….very heart wrenching write. the style of write is original…….lonesome and poignant……….keep on writing…….

Nadeem Qazilbash

Every word, so from the heart, meaningful, if this would not change him, nothing will. Oh wax of steel, how do you melt.


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