Life as we know it or do we?

Life as we know it or do we? short poem

Have you ever experienced the sweetness of nothing and exhaustion of everything?

Have you laughed so much that your urge to cry grew stronger?

Have you dealt with sleepless nights bothered by nothing in particular and everything in general and the next morning realized that nothing is greater than everything?

Have you slept naked under the blanket of love

and being fully clothed, felt bereft of even a little compassion?

Have you led a lonely path where in your follower was an imaginary truth and the myth of being followed was more convincing than reality?

Have you felt the unbearable ache of love and loneliness together but the ache of love was more soothing than the pain of loneliness?

Have you smiled so hard on the outside that your inside bled to death and the tears in your eyes was mistaken for a sparkling twinkle?

If so than you have lived,

My friend.

Cheers to life!!!!

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Disha Bafna

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A passionate interior and lifestyle product designer ,nurturing unconventional, ideas and projects, my tryst with writing began as a teenager and with every major chapter in life , my rendezvous with poetry got more profound. Poetry keeps me going , faith being the primary base of most of my poems. A person who strongly believes that every miracle realized and every moment well spent , makes life all the more alive. My poems are for those who want to just sit back and relish on the varied slices of life, one slice at a time... Love Disha
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Editorial Board

The Paradoxes of life and how we settle for one but actually crave something else, the moments when the heart cries but there are no sounds…Disha has so many such moments in this poem which each one of us has experienced and can relate to. Great!


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