Mystical Garden

The piercing blue water
cascades off the gleaming
smooth rocks, descending
into a pool of mystics.

The dark amber trees soar high
into the heavens,
the ample leaves whisper
sweet nothings in the air.

The radiant flowers
blanket the earth,
crimson roses wrapping
you in their charm.

A tranquil soothing breeze
mystifies the air,
ever so softly the wind
chimes a tune.

A captivating
surrounded by sparkling bugs,
in the midst of this beauty.

The magnificent book
captures her in it’s
golden pages,
buried deep in the abyss.

A mystical garden so full
of poise and grace,
invisible to the naked eye,
covered by a silken sheet.

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Such a mystical garden is in everyone’s dreams:)


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