Heal Yourself

Heal Yourself short poem

Photo by AlicePopkorn

The self within you is perturbed
Rusty, Dusty, unclear and broken
Ruptured spirit you carry within
It needs to be healed…
Healed from within your spirit
The soul needs to be nourished
With good deeds and thoughts
The soul within must be rejuvenated
Neatly cleaned and polished so to
Flow positive energy through body…
Cleanse the spirit, awaken yourself
Embrace solitude
Solitude I say is very powerful
To know the being within you

Some days you are more powerful
Than anyone around you..
Your company to self has stronger
And greater impact in life…
You would feel more relaxed
And determined on your own…
And that’s the time you realize
How strong and better you are
On your own…
For some reasons, you are stronger
Than anyone today, And this must go on

Heal Yourself; Live Yourself

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12 Comments on "Heal Yourself"

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Geetha Paniker

None can heal you other than yourself. And it is in solitude you get in touch with the inner you who holds a lot inside of you. Beautiful Laya.

ammu sachariah

Solitude is very powerful . We can have a look to our own conscious , sub conscious and unconscious mind ,correct and heal ourselves.

ramakrishnan chatakondu

Through this poem you isolate me………
………………….…………..for my betterment .

Viswas Menon

…What is your goal in life???
If the answer to that is definite…then Life will have a purpose…….unfortunately human carry with them a lot of baggage ….of the past…of the future ….and ramble along….meandering through the BUSY_NESS of life….in a rat race…

Seek Answers….not isolation…..
Seek Attainment of Goals….not isolation….
I_Sol_ation is NOT the Sol_ution!!!

As a poem …good writing
but from the Life point of view…my observations are as above….

Nikita Mehendiratta

That’s a good point to make.

Nikita Mehendiratta

I liked the poem. 🙂


Loved your poem:)


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