Today I Saw A Baby In A Mall

Today I Saw A Baby In A Mall short poem

Today I saw a baby in a mall
Sitting on the trolley comfortably
looking with wide opened bewildered eyes
at everything around her
everything for her so huge so tall
she a tiny figure in the big mall
Perhaps the baby was six months old
She smiled at everyone,
She stretched her tiny little hands to reach all.
Today I saw a baby in a mall
I looked at her innocent face
I looked at the freshness of her face
The freshness ‘coz she has not yet seen the evil of this world
The innocence ‘coz she is still so pure
Not afraid ’cause she has not learnt fear
The innocence because she thinks of everyone as her own
The innocence because hate she has not yet known
Today I saw a baby in a mall
and wished if the world could have the innocence of the child
the earth would be a paradise for us all….

Poet’s Note:
I suddenly spotted this cute looking baby in the mall, looking all around her, trying to reach out to even unknown faces around her, smiling at everyone and wished if we all could have the innocence of the child….wouldnt the world would be a paradise!

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12 Comments on "Today I Saw A Baby In A Mall"

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Swathi Rao


Ramapriya Nr

The poem is as fresh as the childs mind. beautiful message conveyed. congrats

ammu sachariah

innocence of a child is very beautifully narrated here.

ramakrishnan chatakondu

….None of our awareness programmes will be able to save it ……

Viswas Menon

A wonderful poem and an equally wonderful photo…the essence of childhood is well showcased…

it is a child’s world….when one is a child or a baby …one is carefree and one can dance as only a child can dance….one can express only as a child can express….but as the child grows up …it picks up all the negatives and positives of life based on its exposure and environment…,,including the so called modern “mall culture” …..oh …how I wish …we let the child be just a child …and give it the freedom it needs to grow into a person of significance….


The innocence in the eyes of children is worth dying for! Amazing!


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