Haunting Wilderness Echos

High in the Cascade Mountain Range in a pristine alpine sanctuary;
Early in the morning in wilderness tranquility,from the northern shoreline of a placid pond.
Serene echoes of a loon’s lonesome yodel eloquently float out over the alpine flora and fauna.
Answering this lonesome yodel,another haunting call of the wild emerges from deep within a cluster of cattails.Lonesome calls of the wilderness,amalgamating in the center of this aquatic paradise.
A female and male common loon,gracefully paddling out from the shoreline to the center of this jewelled aquatic masterpiece.A high spirited yodel rises from the surface,centered on courtship.
In the dawning of a new wilderness day,this graceful pair of common loons flex their wings and tread water for several meters.Creating an eloquent rippled reflection.
Yes! A mottled reflection. A ribbon of black and white stripes upon their dark green necks, snow white breasts and fire red eyes.
True reflections of Nature.Absolutely!
Settling down in the water,this pair of wilderness love birds take turns preening one another.
Honest reflections of love reflected upon the mirrored surface of this glassy surfaced pond.
This gracious day of love, reflected in the prevailing twilight which is funnelled down the valley of this high alpine wilderness. A majestic pair of mated common loons,
yodelling in the emerging twilight. Energizing this wilderness alpine cathedral.
Flexing their mottled black and white wings, these magnificent birds,
tread water completely around this aquatic alpine masterpiece,
settling down into the water, this pair of common loons are found silhouetted in a flaming orange sunset,which is magnificently magnified upon this pristine wilderness pond.
Nature’s yodelling masters have found a true bond of love and a sense of total peace.
Retiring in the darkening depths of twilight, this wilderness couple patiently await the dawning of another new day.

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Your poems have such a calming effect, an effervescent influence on me:)



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