Wind short poem

Photo by Yashna M

“I am The Wind!”
My whispering Breeze echoes, ” I am here”
Whooshing, whistling, lustily gusting
Mysteriously surrounding the atmosphere
I am a definite presence felt, but not seen
Whipping and making restless nature’s green
Often my capricious air soothes, effectuating calm
Easing torrid oppression as would a healing balm

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Muriel G. Singleton

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My family moved From Lincoln Heights, Ohio to Philadelphia. Pa. When I was fourteen years old; my Mother her young brother, 6 years older than me, my brother, a year and a month older, my sister eighteen months younger. My father was in the Military. I wrote my first poem at the age of 12. It was seven years later before I began to write again. I became involved with the International Society of Poetry in 1995. some of my of poetry was published in the local news paper, Phila. Daily news, phila. Sunday magazine. The National Library of Poetry.
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Editorial Board

@edward_muriel_singleton, you have delineated the wind so naturally and effortlessly. Torrid Oppression
is an amazing metaphor. We hereby give you this torrid appreciation of your write.

kwai chee low

A really beautiful piece. Makes one longing for more! And the photo image is breathtakingly in step with the poem…

asoke kumar mitra

very lovely imagery,the wind…………lovely write.amazingly nice.


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