Now, Then, Now..

I like walking in the rain,
but I hate lightening and thunder.
I like the fragrance of the soil,
but why this yucky mud? I wonder.
I prefer raincoats to umbrella, and
rain-boots to match and pair.
“Bare feet are unhygienic”,
Mom has asked me to take care!
I like watching the rain,
from my little window.
Watching every single drop clearly,
in a pace fast and slow.

I liked walking in the rain,
and I loved lightening and thunder…
They made me run towards you,
and hold your strong arm, feel safe and better.
I liked the fragrance of the soil,
and loved the yucky mud…
It made me giggle like a child, and I remember,
“So, from Ms.Flower to Baby Bud?”
I hated raincoat and rain-boots!
I loved umbrella and bare feet…
Bare feet made me love the nature,
and umbrella made me feel your warmth in every heart beat…

Still watching the rain,
with a blurred vision…

Poet’s Note:
This poem is about a heartbroken girl who is remembering the time she spent with her beloved during rainy season, and that is explained in the “Then” section. Now, she doesn’t enjoy the rain as she used to when she was in love. In the first “Now” part she is explaining how she feels about the rains after the heart break and in the last “Now” section she is watching the rain with a “blurred vision”. here, blurred vision is because of the tears filled in her eyes on recollecting those sweet memories.

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Shabnam Panot

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I just scribble down my heart out. I write about things I've thought, felt, seen, experienced, dreamt, heard and spoken. Love people who speak sensibly and honestly. Get inspired by even non-living things and try to find out some sense even in nonsense...
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Nadeem Qazilbash

The “yucky” brings a wonderful child like innocence and vulnerability to the heart that is so deeply hurt.


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