Aunts and Moms and Cats and more….

Aunts and Moms and Cats and more.... short poem

Pigs that grunt
With runts who run
Horses that neigh
Eating curd and whey!

Elephants that trumpet
Gobbling croissants and crumpets
Sparrows that tweet
Offering a melodious treat!

Monkeys that chatter
With plantains on a platter
Parrots that screech
While claiming to preach!

I see them all
Sitting on a wall
With aunts and cats
And mothers and dogs
Who chat and purr
And rock and roll!

I rock and roll
And shake a mean leg
For life is a roll
And I gambol!
On the green grass
And yellow hay
Playing some Strauss
Like a whistling blue jay!

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Jayshree Murali

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A volunteer mentor in a Beyond School Learning Program at the not for profits VIDYA ( I love working with children and youth. the inclusive and diverse platform that is VIDYA , has been the perfect foil for creative expressions to emerge as we seek to collaborate a holistic learning intervention by providing a joyful learning environment. Who am I ? existential question... exploring through journeys of life.. a seeker's quest finds expression in many forms and poetry is the language of the " Now " that is influenced by the dreams dreamt and the dreams that lie ahead.. a celebration of what is here !
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Editorial Board

@Jayshree_Murali hilarious verse! You really are a very versatile writer but this one takes the cake, to find likeness among such unlike creations of God. Great job! Reproduced below for the benefit of the readers is the writer’s note – Writer’s notes : “Was in a musical and chirpy zone – for children and adults… who love funny poems.”


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