The Reason

The Reason prose poem

When given a deep thought a certain realization hovered over my head. …truly everything happens for a reason, a reason that sometimes may be an unknown illusion, sometimes the things we curse and at times something that overwhelms us to bits.

What if everything happens as per the plan, as per the expectations and as per the visuals. Life would have been a boring stride with nothing to experience, nothing to learn and of course nothing to cherish.

If we don’t fail, how could success be something we be astonished with.

If we don’t stumble, how could being firm mean anything.

If we don’t get ill, how the bliss of health be appreciated.

If there won’t be haters and doubters, how could we realize the importance of loved ones.

If there won’t be heartaches, how could anyone long for the true love.

Days, nights, autumn and Spring everything happens to be a divine conspiracy, that somehow brings bliss.

If autumn won’t be there who will wait for the spring to come.

If days won’t be overcasted by nights, how could a poet visualize paramour in moon.

We fail so that we can rise again, against the factors that drifted away the success. We lose people so that we can make room for those who are meant to stay there forever. We get hurt so that we feel the bliss of being loved and cared for. We meet enemies so that we can treasure the blessing of friendship.

I with affirmation believe everything happens in a circle. We gain, we lose, and then we win. A win over odds, negativities, a win that is worth all the losses. I believe He takes away one thing because something infinite times better has to be gained.

Everything happens for a reason, it is just sometimes we are not wise enough to understand that reason and at others reason takes much time to get comprehended….all we can do is Trust His will, take deep breath, smile and move on….Because life is meant to be lived and not to be wasted lamenting over the things that were never meant to be.

Poet’s Note:
These are the verses that came to my mind when something bad happened in my life. but eventually that came out to be a blessing in disguise. that made me believe in the fact that – Whatever happens in our life happens for something good.

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Saadiya Naqash

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I believe dat Laughing is Best Calorie Burner, I Believe in being Strong wen everithng seems to be going Wrong. I Believe dat Happy galz r d Pretiest galz, I believe in Miracles. The Smallest things make me laugh, I m a free Spirit, I m Ströng n determined, I love to Luk at stars, n hate wen I run out of thoze. I Am a GIRL & datz all I wanna be. "I m Dreamer of ma dreams", n I Believe in ma Dreams. And It hardly matters 4 me if some1 thinks dat I m Weird, itz they who bother wat I do, n if they care abt it,then I m alrdy better then wat they r. I just Love my self <3 <3 <3
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