Barters A Call

Barters A Call short poem

A pair of reverberating black eyes
Moves in the street of dead moths,
Under yellow light of forlorn streets
Moves uncertainly in a sleepy town,
The luminous mist adorns her face,
The wounded eyes of poverty
Barters a call for hilly twilight home,
A withering solitude on candid lips
Voices burns the heart as poison,
The gasping breath of evil angels
Under a deeper darker moonless sky,
The hunter’s misdeeds for savagery
A strange funfair explodes the soul,
She becomes a sick nightingale of spring
In hysterical groans mysteriously erotic,
A yelping dog chases her as prey
A snake stings her in the mossy nest,
The summer fruits on her chest
Plucked in the illusions of night,
Money and gifts for flurry of kisses
The price for empty belly barters a call,
Includes the price of vermillion lip-gloss
Cosmetic glaze in the candle light,
The feet are lock till cool breeze in breath
The gloomy eyes reel off in solitude,
The heart is caught up in a song, unpleasant
At a point of the story of a fallen race.

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Editorial Board

A brave verse looking into the dark side of life, one that is often called the lot of the fallen but how many dare to look beyond the obvious and see the path that led them there..Creditable writing @Rajendra_Padhi, such form and flow is a pleasure to encounter.


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