Closet Keepers

Closet Keepers elegy

Photo by B Rosen

Coming out of the closet, a whole new meaning?

Meeting you for the first time was like a dream, yes a dream,
all of my colours became vivid and bright, I was floating on cloud,
I believed it was cloud number nine.
I never knew intelligence could be such a turn on,
such a transformer of my thoughts and prior knowledge of life and love,
your wisdom truly turned me on.
The thousands of miles we travelled together, new experiences, tastes, sights and sounds,
life had become a dream of sorts, the colours still bright and explosive,
how could I be so lucky?
Four years of heaven, although hell had interrupted our lives and death introduced himself
at the door stealing a loved one from us, we quickly shut it closed,
attempting to move on with our lives, and continue our ride on the love train.
Fifty shades of Grey, or was if Fifty shades of untruth black
representing the colour of the lies you slowly manipulated my mind,
each colour losing it’s luster as the black darkened my happy light.
Women started appearing everywhere through phone lines, texts, and even at our door,
who was it, I would ask? The mailman again, such odd hours I thought to myself
to deliver flyers that never physically existed.
The truth would be lifted higher than ever before, all thanks to a closet door,
one simple closet door….
As I surprised my dearest love of all time with a drop in visit of love and smiles,
I found a strange and uneasy feeling surround my body and mind,
forcing me to ask the question, are we alone as he states, or is there somebody else here?
Deciding to trust my love but going against my inside voice of angels,
I turned to the door to leave and continue my day, blowing a kiss on my way out…
Wait! Why is there a woman’s purse and scarf on this chair,
instantly my heart started beating so loud it deafened my mind,
palms sweaty, pulse racing, I turn around and start running upstairs,
knowing what I will find would change my life!
Don’t bother looking under the bed, no, don’t waste your time looking in the other rooms,
head straight for the closet, the place where everyone hides their dirty secrets!
As I opened the closet door, I saw what appeared to be once a woman of strength,
now a frightened little female hiding herself with her hands,
hoping to appear ghost like, as if I would not notice her.
Shaking she stumbles out of the closet as the light had been let in,
with the sun shining upon her white face, she angrily admits that
she was indeed the subject of affection that afternoon.
Affection that was once only mine, never to be shared by anyone,
similar to a child holding a bag of candy close to their chest.
Betrayed, whole heartedly broken and hurt, I stare at the empty closet,
holding only clothing now, thinking to myself,
why do we hide all of our secrets in this narrow dark place?
I will rename my closets, holding rooms, prisons, or mind traps,
I shall never trust anyone with a closet, nor shall I close my closet doors,
as I have nothing to hide, no skeletons, with flesh or bare,
just honesty and pureness forever.
Closet keepers, stay away from me, for my mind is wide open now,
I am smarter than before, I shall not fall into your trap
of believing your closet is guilt free or pure.
Moving on towards a bright future, I will reserve my love
only for those who believe that closets should be outlawed,
perhaps burned down, and removed from every household.
I am free, spiritually, physically, and mentally,
free to be discovered by those who can love
and live without owning a closet.

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A wonderful poem around the theme of a closet! Was refreshing to read:)


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