Room Full Of Mirrors

Lock me in a room full of mirrors.
So that, I can see myself a little more clear.
What is the problem, which everyone sees?
But, I don’t understand, I fear.

All the mirrors in the room
Can’t lay down the pin
On anything that is off line.
All I see is the same face and skin.

I even tried sinking in,
Going down deep and deep.
But everything was exactly the same,
Nothing different, not even an inch.

I have tried and looked quite hard.
But I am still searching for that flawed part.
So, again and again lock me in a room full of mirrors.
I will try harder and harder to see myself more clear.

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Pallavi Mahajan

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maintain the beauty of life that, we all are different and unique in our own way so, don't try to be anyone else...
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Nadeem Qazilbash

How much can you take of this critical appreciation, its useful until it turns “abuseful”.


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