Let Us Be Strangers Again

Let Us Be Strangers Again short poem

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Come my dear let us be strangers again
With that suffocating pain in my heart
On a sad note let me depart
don’t wish to indulge in the blame game
don’t want to give a dent to your name and fame
From the virtual world I traveled to your real world
regret both the worlds should never have mingled
I was happy I was ecstatic meeting you
being with you, feeling you, seeing you
Was on cloud nine but then you said
hereafter lets be friend forever
I wondered what “friends forever” meant
Was that a joke or love or a joke of love
To love someone with all the love in one’s heart
and then the harsh reality which got me totally torn apart
Yet for all the love in my heart for you
I promise I will abide by you
Shall try to remember you think of me only as a friend
Had never imagined our love to meet such an end
Happy that you have a world of your own
So what if the virtual world of my love is fully blown
Let me go away from you with no further expectations
don’t worry for me you were never under any obligation
what happened between us shall always bear the sweetest memory
let me forget everything and live in those special moment’s glory
away from your world I go
I was a nobody in your real world
let me remain so…..

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26 Comments on "Let Us Be Strangers Again"

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Laya Sarath

It Hurts right ?…I loved it savi..

Geetha Paniker

That’s a touching one on virtual love.

Ramapriya Nr

Love carried from virtual world to the real world may force lots of hindranes and a blot to the Devine love of the two eternal souls. One should always bear it in mind the feelings of love eighther in Virtual or Real world is something sacred and pure and one must have full faith in the intentions and limitations of the other. After all the Virtual world is itself a drean land and one should always feel it is the dream and not a reality and continue to dream and enjoy the fragrance of pure love. The writer has tried to mix the two world and naturally the Love seems to head twoards the disaster which should not be so if the intentions of the two love birds are alike and there will be no disapointment at all. I hope my observation is taken in right spirit by the author. How ever the poem as such is highly enotional and the poet deserves all the kudos for an exceelent naration…

Nikita Mehendiratta
@Savi_Mani Mam, Many kids of our generation can relate to this feeling so well because, we don’t have a pleasure to stay connected without virtual means like facebook, or whatsapp, or other social websites and to live with that pleasure of waiting for someone to see each other after long because anyhow their pictures or their texts always arrive easily. So even if people know each other personally there is virtual part of relation in their relationships which kind of binds them to look at this poem and feel alike with what is written. breakups patch ups are all matter of a text message now a days. So I must say it’s very well scripted and written Beautifully !! As @Ramapriya_Nr sir has said that there would be no disappointments when intentions of 2 people are alike. That’s so true. But I think that can be hard to get to know the real intentions of people on each side. But as said, one must have faith in the intentions of the other, That becomes the essence of love relation I guess that’s why it’s a unique bond. Uncertainties lies in every relations unless both make each other realize their wishes… Read more »
ammu sachariah

Savi, happy to know that this poem is only a thought nothing connected to your personal life. An emotional , heart touching poem. I loved it.

Randall Smith

Fantastic write. The problem is that so many can not separate the real from the virtual. They live through the computer and it is true life to them. You do not realize how badly you can hurt them with their ” real” life game. Thank you for this poem.


well said sir 🙂


beautiful 🙂 🙂

Akhtar Jawad

It’s heart touching poem, a wonderful write.

Viswas Menon
@Savi_Mani ….well written …am looking at it only from the poetic point of view…. thoughts are well brought out….well expressed…feelings are very expressive… in the field of marketing..where I spend a major portion of my life …a lesson I learned is that a Stranger is a Friend in waiting ….a friend to be made…. As a child we are also taught by our parents not to talk to strangers and to keep away from strangers… …good advice especially in the modern day …considering the hidden dangers …. but …that block also puts a barrier in a child’s future development of inter personal relationships… the human mind has wonderful capabilities….and one of them is the ability to understand the right from the wrong….so as long as one understands what is the right and which is the wrong relationship….whether it is in the real world or the virtual world…and proceed further…it should be okay…. but many times ….in the virtual world …one cannot understand or evaluate people correctly….as …people project themselves as someone more glamorous and virtuous than they really are…and at times in matters of love and romance …a person goes overboard….without really knowing the truth….it is then that the problem… Read more »

This is indeed such a beautiful poem… Something most of this generation can relate too . mam ur poems are simply amazing! @savi_mani

Rocean Sharma

It is beautiful… loved it <3

asoke kumar mitra

kavi ajnabi bonke………….beautiful


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