The Queen Of The Night

The queen of the night, is power indeed
She shelters the wicked and those who have need
We hide in her shadow, the killer and sneak
She helps us to find those things that we seek

I met her, I think, one night in a dream,
I’d once lost my soul and thought to redeem
She owned all the land, the sky up above
She whispered softly, “What would you do for love?”

Her question confused me, tangled my mind
I could not focus, an answer to find
Love is not something I’ve ever thought true
If I don’t believe then what should I do?

She looked at me sadly, shaking her head
Took me under her arm, smiled and said
“Love is a prize and the greatest of all”
She told me I’d find it if I answer the call.

“One day you’ll find her, I can’t give a name.
You’ll feel her fire because passion is flame
And you will just know when you feel it burn
Just give her your best, expect none in return.”

When I awoke, her words hung in the air
And I settled close to breathe through your hair
With you in my arms I started to feel
Perhaps there is truth and maybe it’s real.

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Phillip Poythress

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I simply enjoy writing. Mostly fantastical things. Someone once told me that my word choices were poetic so, I thought maybe I would try poetry.
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Nadeem Qazilbash

Sometimes dreams have messages to help attain realizations in the awake world..


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