An Ode

An Ode ode

Photo by Jo Naylor

Longer than love lingers in lives
thoughts of death preoccupies.
your brother, your friend,
your mate, your mother,
all might leave you with
some kind of wonder
at their lifelessness left behind;
what spark was there? what chemical bind—
moved them in living,
through time, through space?
what was it called? is there no trace?

—not found, not found
just hollow and dust
deep in the ground.

some of them say, “but you must have faith!”
but faith still stands open to doubt;
so longer than faith lingers in lives
shadows of death, preoccupies.
and poetry tells it, woos it with odes—
in movies, in dreams, in all we compose…
and leaves it all there
after flesh leaves the bone,
and our corpse is left grinning,

—not found. not found.
just hollow and dust
deep in the ground.

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