Ghosts from the past

Ghosts from the past short poem

I came across a dusty cupboard,

Wiped it clean,

It was a solid teak structure,

With a beautifully carved frame.

The cupboard held many ghosts,

From my recent past,

A tattered book of verses,

A hand note of love, now lost.

A dirty old sweatshirt,

That faintly smelt of him,

An unfinished neck piece,

Strewn with the beads of lust.

A rusted string of his bass guitar,

The reason, I used to dance,

A black and white Polaroid picture,

Stained with the joys of our past.

And as I lower this structure,

Into the deep chambers of my heart,

It creaks a final goodbye,

And fades into the memories from my past.

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Disha Bafna

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A passionate interior and lifestyle product designer ,nurturing unconventional, ideas and projects, my tryst with writing began as a teenager and with every major chapter in life , my rendezvous with poetry got more profound. Poetry keeps me going , faith being the primary base of most of my poems. A person who strongly believes that every miracle realized and every moment well spent , makes life all the more alive. My poems are for those who want to just sit back and relish on the varied slices of life, one slice at a time... Love Disha
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Editorial Board

Poignant! it also brings a sense of deja vu in the reader because each one of us have their own little cupboard of memories that we are scared to unlock. Beautifully composed Disha



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