Eternity short poem

By the mirror side she sat,
On a small caned chair,
Looking at the tall figure,
Combing her long dark hair,
Frown on the little face,
To resolve her loneliness,
A baffled look stared at her,
A playmate she wanted at home,
Walked out in a huff,
Listening to the loud laugh;

That was a year ago,
Morn arrives,
Two pudgy feet cycle,
A cry of hunger awakens her,
A playful fist-fight delights her,
Love overflows resplendent in eternity,
Grow they together,
At times they differ;

Destiny consumed his life,
Sapping soul out of him;
Gathered strength to re emerge,
Emboldened by her spirit and belief;

Evil raised its poisonous fangs,
Pain enervated the senses,
A mindless bundle on a bed,
Hymns he whispered in her ears,
Tears brightened the eyes,
Clarity returned with the rising Sun;

Brother and Sister hold hand,
The Universe celebrates the Power of Love.

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Debabani Chandra

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asoke kumar mitra

beautiful write………presented in a form of your own. very new style…..story telling…..
loved the write



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