Your Story

Your Story long poem

He was the boy next door,
Who used to look at you everyday,
You didn’t know anything about his feelings,
But fell for him each day…!

One day you went on to pour out your words,
and talked to him for so long,
you found out that he was lonely,
since his last love left him alone…!

You were so good to him,
You wanted to start a family,
So you asked him if he could,
Be feeling the way you did…!

Your story got the perfect start,
Just like it was meant to be,
You were like two love birds,
on different branches of the same tree…!!

You went on to be the best of friends,
You went on to be better lovers,
You couldn’t wait for the day to come,
When you would go on and say I do…!

After a couple of years,
You did hear the jingle in the air,
Neither you nor he could live,
A moment without each other…!

Your story got a perfect start,
Just like it was meant to be,
You were like two souls,
Inside of a same body…!

You didn’t even know what went wrong,
The perfect pair was reduced to one,
The kids don’t even remember their dad,
for he is now forever gone…!

You are all alone,
No one is by your side,
The love is lost forever,
As he is with someone else…!

Your story got the perfect start,
Just the way you wanted to,
But the ending was so hard,
That you’ll remember it every now & then…!!

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Rocean Sharma

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Life has its hardships, But it goes on.. doesn't wait for anything, nor lets memories be easily gone...! Poems are the only way, to let all the feelings out... to seek for the meaning, that everyone is talking about...!! So enjoy life, and enjoy the poems... and embrace life, no matter what comes...!!
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Editorial Board

A simple verse about how relationships may pan out and especially so in the current times @Rocean_Sharma Nice piece of the fact that there is no drama just simple straight verse about love and how it can go wrong..Great!

Reyvrex Questor Reyes

Nice story, boy meets girl. Boy went away, girl left behind with kids. Life truly.


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