On Your Lips

On Your Lips short poem

On the lips of the lotus
the softness of the rose
is not there….

On the lips of the rose
the pinkness of the lotus
is not there….

But dear …
on your sweet lips
the pinkness of the lotus
the softness of the rose ..
the fragrance of the rose
the charm of the lotus
the nectar of love …
the tenderness of love …
the sweetness of honey
the heady taste of passion
all are there….
now I realize …
why I love to steal
a kiss from your lips!!!

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4 Comments on "On Your Lips"

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Savi Mani

A wonderfully written love filled poem, a very romantic poem like the rain drops falling on the thirsty earth and quenching its thirst
the same way your poem quenches the thirst of the soul………..the poet tries to find out his love’s softness, tenderness, charm, fragrance and above all the passion in the creation of God, the flowers, yet he finds all these qualities on the lips of his beloved and steals a kiss…….love is pure ecstasy…….blessed are those who have found true love in life……lovely romantic heart warming poem………..

ammu sachariah

Wonderful poem with full of love.


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