Senzenina (xenophobia)

Our father left us while we were young
We could not clean our own stable
And we did not know how to
But we knew how to protect our color.
Our mother separated us for the reason
You had to prosper in your space
And I in mine
Then come back home in a while to share kisses.
We were brothers who knew our origin,
It was never that easy,
But it got better with years.
In my hunger you fed me.
You gave me a place in your inheritance,
But not in your heart.
You told me to toughen up like a man,
But you never wiped the tears off my face.
You gave me freedom from apartheid and imperialism,
But you never freed me from our mere rivalries.
I love you as my only brother,
Yet you stone me in the face.
You hate me for taking the herd,
Yet you chose the bigger land
You have the finest wife,
But you still eye my own.
I remember you in my prayers every night
But you say you were born without a friend.
I was born second,
That you were supposed to love me.
But now you are frightened of what we ever had.
Was I born with all the love?
Did you go out and take all the blessings of prosperity,
And forget to leave some for me?
Is it that you forgot to take more love on your way out,
That I have no place in your heart?
I cry for my mother’s seed,
What has become of your brotherly kindness?
Even on a festive season as you curse,
I wish to never see the doorstep of your house,
But you are my brother,
And that I took all the love from our mother’s belly,
It is my responsible to be our mother again.

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Poet, Word Composer, Writer, Speaker, an All-round Activist.I love poetry for in thee I find solace and peace. I find a platform to express myself without limits and share courage without denial. I have published two books. My Quiet Place and Confiance; an anthology of poems and a novel respectively, which are already on sale. I will never stop writing because I have already started......
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Nadeem Qazilbash

It is so hurtful, this hypocrisy. Some day we will be one, till then we live in the civilized illusion of being one.

Savi Mani

ohhhhh so sad a poem, to be treated differently ………we say we are one but no we are not and thats the hard sore truth of this world full of hypocrite world, till such time we see the world from the innocent eyes of a child, the love the trust the relation shall always be shattered……liked your poem……..felt the pain……..of being treated different differently…..

Tawanda Alex Jakata

I can feel this poem
“Is it that you forgot to take more love on your way out,
That I have no place in your heart?”



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