Once Too Often

Once Too Often short poem

Photo by frakokot

Today- a new thought came my way
and though I knew it well- I heard it say
so you’ve crawled back in your shell- to stay?
until someone reaches out to you?

unknown to me you came upon the mask
left by my backward step
and though you tried to reach behind to find-
you knew not what – or why the mask was needed

but those who hadn’t heeded
the warning sent out by the brain
now feel the strain and escape
is not unlike the rain-
so often very gloomy

with little room to move in

you won your freedom
but with that freedom came the pain
known only by the loser-
the chosen – not the chooser
who was free to break the hearts of many
aloof from any real feeling
knowing not that I was kneeling on the ground
waiting for the sound of your sweet breath

it would not be found again by me

and so you say- come out!
but here I’ll stay- so go your way
the hurt came once too often

once too often

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5 Comments on "Once Too Often"

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Savi Mani

Dear J.Bruce, could feel the pain behind the poem and on being getting hurt and being “the chosen”……….the hurt comes again and again knowingly and unknowingly to the lonely heart who had loved and knows he has been ditched………one wears a mask in front of the world showing an altogether different face but who has seen the pain behind that mask!!!!
liked your poem ………felt the pain…………regards

Nadeem Qazilbash

How many times, one tries and every time one hurts. Yet again and again. When will we learn.

Randall Smith

We do a lot of deep writing when pain is involved and as a teenager love is the greatest pain we can know. You did well Bruce, it is not the writing of a teenager.


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