Unseen long poem

Photo by Wajahat Mahmood

The angels among us,
The ones that we can see
We call them friends, lovers or family.
They are there when we don’t know we need them at all.
To guide us, love us or simply watch us fall.
To pick up the pieces when things go bad,
They laugh with us or cry when we are sad.
Sometimes we don’t even know that they are there
Praying for us, to show they care.
The call that you get at just the right time,
When you feel the mountain is too big to climb.
Some come to show us just how to be loved,
The kind that puts you first, up above.
The way that love is supposed to be shown.
The kind that Jesus shows from his throne.
The Bible talks about the love you should find,
The love that is patient, the love that is kind.
The kind that does not cause you pain,
It does not use you for its own gain.
It hopes, it trusts, it will persevere.
The love that you do not have to fear.
You don’t need to question, no cause for concern.
This love is given freely, not the kind you have to earn.
No matter what lesson your angel may bring,
Make sure to thank them for letting your heart sing.
For the thoughts and the prayers,
The hugs and the love,
Phone calls, and patience,
For being sent from above.

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Saurin Desai

yes, so true, we usually take such angels for granted


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