Letting Go

Letting Go long poem

Photo by Saad Faruque

This world has left you hurt,
Your heart bruised and battered.
Love was quickly taken away,
like you never mattered.
It’s hard to trust, it’s hard to love
The anger and rage in you grew.
To think back on all who hurt,
the child that lives in you.
Can your heart become soft again?
True love will it ever show?
Can that child like love reappear,
after all the hurt that you’ve come to know?
I tried once to love you true,
to love that innocent child.
Little did I know how hard that would be,
Your imagination runs wild
Images that your mind can see
the anger does slowly build.
The guilt, pain, and shame from the past
has left your heart unfulfilled.
To release the hurt that others caused,
to you there was no reason.
the worst of you I did endure.
I came along at the wrong season.
The quiet tide I wish I had,
but timing was not good.
Maybe that’s what God had planned,
I wish I understood.
Was I a tool used to open that door
for you to see true love is real?
There is some good in this world.
Not everyone wants to steal
That innocence in your heart,
or the love that you deserve.
Some of us are only meant
to be a learning curve.
There comes a time, there comes a place,
that everything must end.
Why was it us, why was it me
That true love didn’t extend
to the end of time,
the death do us part,
The way it was supposed be.
But the season has finally come
I have to set you free.

Poet’s Note:
This poem is about someone being hurt in the past and it hardened their heart so that they didn’t give love freely. The other person decided that it was time to move on from the relationship.

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Savi Mani

Dear Carrie….a wonderful poem.yes it hurts a lot to have been hurt in love, in despair our hurt heart is not able to trust anyone again and the question of why me comes lurking in the silence of night……….it takes a lot of courage to come out of the hurt but then we should not say why me we should say why should there be someone else????? Atleast after being ditched in love on being hurt, one consolation is always there, in your heart of hearts you know you had been true to your love……and trust me time is a great healer…..it doesnt take away the hurt but it soothes the pain…..on new wings ……reach for a newer and brighter horizon …..there is another life beyond the stars too..


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