Routine risk

Routine risk short poem

Today I need to, face it again
Also I need to, brave it again
Each day it’s a challenge.
Today I need to, again muster courage
Also I need to, make another voyage
Each day it’s a fight.
Today I need to, again say a prayer
Also I need to, make yet another dare
Each day it’s a gamble.
Today I need to, again go that far
Also I need to, watch for that speeding car
Each day it’s a horror.

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2 Comments on "Routine risk"

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Editorial Board

@Abhishek_Jain , you are quite a prolific writer who manages to find poetry even in the Routine risk of life..Interesting and appreciable! For the benefit of the reader we are reproducing the writer’s note which will help them understand the context of your poem..Writer’s note: everyday crossing the ORR(Outer Ring Road, Bangalore) is a challenge to many pedestrians as it’s ill equipped and lack basic infrastructure of regular sky bridges, well demarcated pedestrian crossings etc. Also, most drivers do not show any respect towards pedestrians and compound their misery by not giving way.”

Malcolm Massiah
Excellent poem. Upon reading I think that like me, you punctuate your work for personal recitation and not for the reader/page. For example, in the following quote: Today I need to, face it again Also I need to, brave it again Perhaps as a cue to you to pause after the word ‘to’ you have placed a comma. All well and good. However, modern grammarians will tell you that the commas are superfluous and unnecessary in those places. I’ve made the same errors myself in some of the poems I have submitted. Re-reading my poem If only I had a döppelgänger’, there are a few commas I would remove due to them being not only unnecessary but because they set a bad example of grammar to my readers and may encourage them to make similar mistakes. On another note, I think the editorial board has placed your introductory note too far from the poem. It should come either immediately before or immediately after. Definitely it needs to be placed as prominently as the poem it refers to. Reading the notes put the entire poem into context, which some readers might not understand fully without reading the note. The illustrative pic… Read more »

Routine Life

Routine Life short poem

Life appears routine during normal times routine changes to celebrations on festivals routine may turn into agony on death routine may suddenly appear monstrous on set backs routine may feel soothing on day of disturbances routine may look un harmful

Truth Has More Risk

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‘As telling lies Is dangerous, To it, you Have to be averse! ‘ Parents, teachers And society Made me, cherish This mentality. Along the age road The hardest way a new Lesson I did upload. Awaits those, More risk The