State Of Birth

State Of Birth prose poem

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M portrays my feeling of MISSING something that I never had, and could never see; The feeling that people were always MOVING away from me;
The feeling that MONEY would never come my way, but only flee.

I is for the times I experienced ISOLATION from things unknown;
The times of ILLUSIONS of being in another place, at another time, and on my own; The times of longing to be INDEPENDENT, freed from the chains of poverty, and gone.

S is for the quiet zones of SILENCE where wearied souls came to rest, and relieve their STRESS.

S also shows the miracle of SANITY that enabled me to survive this place of lack and loneliness; And it shows the ability to SING even though filled with sadness because of man’s unkindness.

I is for the INSANITY of mankind’s injustice and inability to share the wealth with one another.

S also reveals how my family was deeply rooted with the hope of SALVATION.

S denotes the times and SEASONS of life. There is a time and a season for every purpose under the sun. Growing up in the pains of poverty, I knew that someday “this too would pass.”

I further signifies the ability of the INDIVIDUAL, who with desire and determination, can rise from the strap heaps of despair and ascend to distant stars.

P demonstrates that there is no device that can be devised by man that is able to destroy anyone who dares to seek refuge through the POWER of Almighty God.

P also enables me to be overwhelmed with a deep sense of PROMISE.

I finally says to me that I am capable and well equipped to bring INSPIRATION to others.

You see, I was born in 1949, where the hot sun shines, where the clocks seemed slowed by the sands of time, where the humidity and sweat combined, and flowed down my spine; and yes, on a September day near the railroad line, Mississippi became the state of mine.

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I am a retired minister and the husband of Barbara for 42 years. We reside in Sacramento ,Ca. We have two sons and a daughter, and we are the proud grandparents of 6 children.
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A poem oozing with nostalgia…Beautiful!


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