A shrouded light

A shrouded light short poem

Fetters I wear, many
As a creature of habit
Robes of roles I don.
Somewhere lines blur and ego takes over
A need to belong, to gratify my restless spirit
that seeks answers to questions of my own insipid existence
My salvation then to drown in the colours of life
And embrace the black of the night, the yellow of the sun
the scarlet of my passion
the blue in the fathomless depth of my heart
The green in the trees I plant and the brown of my seed,
I merge in shrouded white
In its ecstasy find what I have been waiting all along
My divine lover !

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Jayshree Murali

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A volunteer mentor in a Beyond School Learning Program at the not for profits VIDYA ( www.vidya-india.org) I love working with children and youth. the inclusive and diverse platform that is VIDYA , has been the perfect foil for creative expressions to emerge as we seek to collaborate a holistic learning intervention by providing a joyful learning environment. Who am I ? existential question... exploring through journeys of life.. a seeker's quest finds expression in many forms and poetry is the language of the " Now " that is influenced by the dreams dreamt and the dreams that lie ahead.. a celebration of what is here !
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Editorial Board

A shrouded light – an oxymoron really and yet your verse slowly gathers momentum and then transports one to the eternal truth, the ecstasy of faith..the use of colors as metaphors for the transition through different phases of life or the evolution of the soul is remarkable too. this one deserves a standing ovation @Jayshree Murali!


i just simply like this one brings a smile to my face he he 🙂 love the colors of life


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