A Little Flower

A Little Flower short poem

Photograph by Arun M Sivakrishna

A little flower is an expression,
Of love and art,
Unique tiny creation,
Capturing every heart.

Beautiful and magical,
Uplifting wonderfully,
In a small bouquet,
A moment of untold joy.

Every little flower has music,
In its soul,
Inviting harmony,
And fall in its bower with a smile.

Learn from a little flower,
To be sweet in temper,
Gentle and mild,
As a simple child.

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12 Comments on "A Little Flower"

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Balveen Cheema

No wonder flowers have such a rejuvenating effect!

Laya Sarath

Such a small nuance..you made it so informative geemme..loved it..

ammu sachariah

We enjoy the beauty of flower. But never think too much about it. You made me
to think and learn too much from the flower.


नन्हा पुष्प प्रतीक है
कला-प्रेम का
अभिनव नन्हा सृजन ,
हरेक का ह्रदय जीतता.

जादुई सुन्दरता लिए,
विस्मित कर देता,
छोटे गुलदस्ते में,
अकहे खुशियों के पल ले.

हर लघु सुमन समेटे है सुर,
निज आत्मा में,
समरसता को दे आमंत्रण,
मुस्काकर गुपचुप झर जाता.

छोटे से फूलों से सीखो,
मृदुल-मधुर होना स्वाभाव से,
शिष्ट और शालीन,
एक बच्चे के जैसे.


What thoughtful imagery! This poem is as lovely as a flower

Milton Robertson
Milton Robertson

Such a lovely poem. The flower, brings beauty where there is none. Put here for all to see just how wonderful and beautiful God’s Planet can be.


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