Lone Goat

Lone Goat prose poem

Photo by markbyzewski

Dwelling above Lake Louise is a young Alpha mountain goat who got run out of his pack for trying to take control away from the senior Alpha mountain goat.
Young Alpha mountain goat is a feisty and shaggy beast. Fearless!
Lone goat is a rambling sort. Traveling to and fro around the Lake Louise region.
Continually absorbing this pristine wilderness serenity above timberline.
The rising sun has created a “Golden Mantle.” high in the Rockies.
A lone golden goat, in the warmth of the rising sun.
Lonely begins his day exploring his local domain. Suddenly! Things are brought to a screeching halt.
A prevailing air current carrying a pungent scent: That of a roaming grizzly bear!!
By instinct Lonely knows that this travelling renegade needs a lot of room.
Turning on his heals, Lonely charges through the alpine to higher ground.
Ah! Solitude at last. Sauntering with the at his back, Lonely breaks over a horizon into new territory. With the sunshine cascading down through a blanket of refreshing mist,
eloquently dressing this western cliff face in a sheer golden hue.
Lonely’s attention is drawn to a cascading waterfall,appearing s liquid gold.
Panelling against the moss strewn cliff face.
A splendid showing of alpine wild flowers, enhancing this masterful showcase.
Lonely spends his day exploring the rugged wilderness landscape.
In the protruding twilight Lonely makes his way to a handsomely moss dressed mini alpine cathedral at the head of Lake Louise.
Northern lights begin their mischievous dancing above a jagged rocky back drop,and move out, using the sky as its dance floor.
In this mini alpine cathedral with the northern lights boisterously with the sound of rapid gun fire.Reflecting their colorful attire upon the wildflower covered cathedral floor.
The sky is illuminated with all of Nature’s dancing colors that you could imagine.
In the rising morning mist, Lonely yawns and stretches his muscular body in the warmth of a moss bed. Greeting the day with rapid bleating. Ready for another high alpine day.
With sunshine splashing against the cliff’s face, shadows disappearing leaving rocky figurines in the fullness of day.
After a night of being bathed in the vibrant colors of the northern lights, Lonely is frisky.
Dancing around the cathedral’s playground feeding on tender shoots of grass Lonely notices a shadow gliding ever so freely across this alpine flowered meadow.
Suddenly a massive bald eagle appears, sporting a six foot wing span.
This master of the air waves comes swooping down only meters away from Lonely.
Creating a mini dust storm eagle lands and prances around Lonely as if doing an inspection.
Hastily eagle takes to the air in the fragrance of alpine wildflowers.
Was there something about Creation’s shaggy mountain dweller that this eagle didn’t like?
Lonely spends his day as a young Alpha goat searching for a mate.
On a rocky knoll in the distance, Lonely spots a white speck.
Puzzled, Lonely takes his time trying to focus, but to no avail.
With eyes fixated on the mysterious white speck, Alpha notices that all of a sudden the white spot seems to be a wee bit taller!
“How could that be?”Lonely asks himself.We have an alpine mystery to solve!
Several hours later Alpha leader has the mystery solved.Found on a lone bute an ewe is heard bleating. With full attention focused on his prize the young Alpha leader feels far superior.
“A mate at last! Now I can start my own harem!”
After traveling all of these pristine wilderness miles, through alpine flora and fauna, Lonely is lonely no more. This muscular mountain goat is rewarded with a mate who also has the same focus.
Raising a family, high in this Lake Louise cathedral. Back dropped with jagged snow capped peaks.
“Oh, the rewards of Nature for patiently waiting, and seeking.”

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All your poems have a beautiful nature as the theme, which is so refreshing to read each time:) Keep writing!


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