Of Time

Of Time ode

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Eternal is this uninterrupted existence
An intangible spacious continuation
Past, present, future ‘s relative persistence
Time is inalterable and of limitless duration
Mankind is entrusted to occupy this infinite space
Some manage time accountably, others, who can tell
I ask myself, “where do I stand in this human Race?”
With musing and commitment , I vow to use time well
Being highly resolved, to let my brief earthly stay,
Lend to the planet’s betterment , and making haste
Squandering not these fleeting hours to go astray
My epitaph shall read, her time did not go to waste

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Muriel G. Singleton

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My family moved From Lincoln Heights, Ohio to Philadelphia. Pa. When I was fourteen years old; my Mother her young brother, 6 years older than me, my brother, a year and a month older, my sister eighteen months younger. My father was in the Military. I wrote my first poem at the age of 12. It was seven years later before I began to write again. I became involved with the International Society of Poetry in 1995. some of my of poetry was published in the local news paper, Phila. Daily news, phila. Sunday magazine. The National Library of Poetry.
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kwai chee low

A beautiful piece. Indeed time is precious and waits for no one. Our time on earth is short; but many unfortunately come to realise this too late.


Indeed every moment of this passing time is precious and worth! Beautiful thought:)


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