Five Course Meal

A taste of life was what I sought
Peace of mind was what I lost
Biting into chunks of a juicy life
Chillies got into my nose and eyes
Smoking from all orifices
I ran to chill my singed senses
Perhaps got a little too adventurous
Found myself all at sea, embarrassed
Nothing to show for my bravery
Except the salty memories
Presenting all those stir-fried treats
In the form of instant poetry
All the appreciation that I get
Is like the dessert that comes lastly

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8 Comments on "Five Course Meal"

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Saurin Desai

Five course, five senses… very interesting




Lovely poem.


Tks a lot

asoke kumar mitra

lovely write, enjoyed….

Swathi Rao

Recipes quirk me up, Food fills my tastes, Life would be lacking, Without good food to break the monotony 🙂



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