Anger Outlet

Anger Outlet short poem

Photo by P_Ka

Don’t you sometimes wish to just scream?
To pinch yourself and find out it’s a dream:
I know I do!
No matter how happy that day I may seem.

Or to find a tiny space where you can crawl
For those days when you don’t feel so tall:
And then you wonder,
How much deeper down can I actually fall?

This raging anger just keeps on burning,
I have no clue what it is for I’m yearning.
The one thing I know—
Regardless, this world just keeps on turning.

How much more of this can I possibly take?
That is, before I scream or emotionally break.
Yet in the end,
I realize how much I really do have at stake.

Not all is lost and I think I found my way,
Which is to write the words that I wish to say.
My true companion—
A pen and paper which seems to save the day.

I guess we all have our days…
And I guess we all have our ways!
As a personal anger outlet
Writing is what I praise.

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7 Comments on "Anger Outlet"

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Nikita Mehendiratta

A poem with very deep meaning. I guess, we all do feel this way at some point of our lives. And the “paper pen” this is what my swords are. I guess so many scribblers like me can relate to it if not all.


Everyone needs their anger outlets…to let life go on…Touched a chord in my heart!

Randall Smith

the words, ” No matter that day I may seem” are the most important ones. When a day is doing very good and we are feeling good and happy but just under the skin is hurt and anger waiting to get out. I feel this poem and believe anyone that writes has been there with you. Very well said.


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