My Toys- A Bundle Of Joy

My Toys  A Bundle Of Joy long poem
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I have a sack full of toys,
They make a little noise,
Some are girls and some are boys;
I have a small train,
With a window pane,
And it rides in a lane,
Its driver’s name is Mr. Dane;
I gain a lot of knowledge,
From the owl, Mr. Rolage,
Who has asked me to eat porridge;
My Tiger has lot of courage,
And my bear has immense strength,
His name is Mr. Denth;
My clown is so funny,
It is a pleasure to watch him,
He dances round and round in a ring,
Taking out sounds like ‘ping-ping’;
I had a helicopter but I broke its wing,
Now it can’t fly,
Oh! My!
My Teddy Bear is the funniest guy,
Who can even sigh,
And the Gnome, Mr. Snicker can always lie;
I have to tie up my doll’s dress,
And clean up the mess,
I play a quiz and ask them to guess;
They rest in the day and wake up all night,
It’s always an unusual sight,
To see them going up and down,
Rushing as if to go to town,
All wearing dresses and gowns,
Mostly running in rounds;
They look like ghosts,
They have different posts,
I take them everywhere even for a holiday to the coast,
I carry them to school and boast,
They ate out of my Tiffin including the banana toast;
They don’t like vegetables and are sometimes forced,
They create a scene and refuse to listen,
And say they could even raid the kitchen;
During the day they stay in my cupboard,
But at night they are all over the room,
They play tricks like they hide the broom,
They hid my comb too,
And took my book named ‘Pooh’;
I love them from the bottom of my heart,
Once while shifting my house I took them in a cart;
There isn’t really even a day,
Either in the month of June, April or May,
Whatever you may say,
I lay my hands on them every single day,
Morning or night,
Though they sometimes fight,
With all their might,
I always tell them to do only what is right!!!

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Tanvi Nagar

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Tanvi Nagar, a thirteen year old, is a student of Delhi Public School, Gurgaon, India. She is passionate about writing, besides playing badminton, swimming, painting and public speaking. She has written the books 'A Treasure Trove of Poetic Wonderland', 'A Bountiful of Rhythmic Stories' and 'My Book of Short Stories and Poems'. She is a state level badminton player and writes her blog at
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Nikita Mehendiratta

Tanvi It’s a very beautiful poem just like you.
I laughed and cheered while reading the poem. It’s so incredible to see you are just 10 years. 🙂 Wish you loads of happiness. I definitely see you going too far with your creativity. Your poems are a reflection to your soul, your laughter. Such an AMAZING poem. I thoroughly enjoyed it while reading each word of your poem. #<3

ammu sachariah

Tanvi, your poem is very interesting. I could see all your toys through your poem
Keep writing.


Toys are a child’s best friend…You proved it! Keep writing girl:)


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