The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown long poem

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Things have not looked up
Since the end of that war.
We have tried our best! But
It seems that we are doomed!
People have lost all hopes…
The Asuras should be happy.
They are in distress too though.

Uncle has already moved over
To the land of the great Devas.
From there, part of of his men
Have continued with the river
Downwards into the lush plains.
Will they take to the eastern sea?

My cousins must have
Crossed Uttar Kuru by now.
Hope they will succeed…
We’re leaving for the north soon.
Our future is insecure. But
It is not wise to stay back,
And starve, or fight like dogs.
Still, it is hard to say bye!

Things are not very different
In the western plateau either.
Some of our kin are still there.
Others are on their way
To the far-western sea.
It is the same everywhere!
But they have elaborate plans.

Some have left on boats to new lands.
Many have followed the known routes.
Others are trying to tame fate
Desperately in the south-coast.
Could further south be an option?
We’ve to wait till the next Sabha.

I’ve heard that in east and south
Many of our neighboring villagers
Are constantly shifting locations.
Some are being killed by Dasyus.
Some are dying on the way also.
Alas, we will never meet again!

Poet’s note –
A poem depicting the possible scenario in the Indus-Saraswati region during the final days of the Harappan culture.

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I am an amateur researcher. I'm currently working as a lecturer in English. Poetry is one of my passions! I have been composing poems since 2008.
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7 Comments on "The Final Countdown"

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Amazing how you penned each word…feel as if Im living it ☺


It’s like one of those old historic tales we were told in our childhood:) Awesome!

Bill Peeler

Well, what can I say? You create worlds and bring them to life. Just plain good stuff.


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