We Know

We Know short poem

Photo by wplynn 

The old tree, tall against the sky –
It’s still there,
black, gnarled and lonely.

The small laughing children I knew –
Are somewhere,
older, changed.

You and me.
facing tomorrow and

Where are we?

As old April, an instant away,
draws us to the changing play
we stay above the restless tide,
take our churning ride
but do not lose our way.

Sometimes we
hear the old story,
but never mask love behind “love”.

We’re here.
Some wiser –

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3 Comments on "We Know"

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OMG older and wiser they say, me I am still trying to gather wisdom—I laugh here at my thoughts
yes the reading of this poem made me think too it was very good.

Shamala Chandran

very good poem..with beautiful description of the years growing older

Saurin Desai

You and me.
facing tomorrow and

interesting way to describe the past


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