Butterfly Wings

Butterfly Wings short poem

Once, not so long ago,

There were many many beautiful flowers,

And the exotic winged butterflies,

Fluttered around them ,

Almost in a state of trance.

On one such occasion,

A brightly winged butterfly,

Saw a wilting flower,

And chose to stay with it,

It chose to stay to lend,

Some of its exotic color to it.

With time the wilting flower,

Glowed with its new found color,

As the butterfly who chose to stay behind,

Gathered dust on its motionless wings.

Today , the glowing flower has a new found home,

And the brightly winged butterfly ,

That chose to stay behind,

Now seeks new ways to learn to fly again.

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Disha Bafna

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A passionate interior and lifestyle product designer ,nurturing unconventional, ideas and projects, my tryst with writing began as a teenager and with every major chapter in life , my rendezvous with poetry got more profound. Poetry keeps me going , faith being the primary base of most of my poems. A person who strongly believes that every miracle realized and every moment well spent , makes life all the more alive. My poems are for those who want to just sit back and relish on the varied slices of life, one slice at a time... Love Disha
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Editorial Board

This is a ‘pretty’ poem that makes one think of all things vibrant and colorful and the harmony that is wrought of nature. Nice work Disha



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