You Say

You Say short poem

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You want me to hurt like a lion hurts its prey before devouring it,
you say you don’t, but you do.
You want me to bleed, like the paint dripping from a painter’s brush heavy and thick,
You say you don’t, but you do.
You want me to curl up and beg for mercy like a slave on a ship broken and bruised,
You say you don’t, but you do.
You want my obedience like a dog to its owner,
You say you don’t, but you do.
You want me to close my eyes to all but you, like a blind man, and you the braille,
You say you don’t, but you do.
You want me bare like a newborn pulled from the womb fresh and new to be moulded,
You say you don’t, but you do.
You say that you love me with all that you are,

You say you do…but you don’t.

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Terri L Earls

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I just love writing, its therapy for me. I love reading other poems, getting inspired, feeling the pain or happiness that lie within the paragraphs or lines. I work in the medical field where I see decline in health everyday, death, and depression, its easy to get lost in the grim reality of it all. But writing is a way for me to escape, reading is a way for me to escape, So here I am. :)
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ramakrishnan chatakondu

You say you don’t……
……….but you do.…..write poems beautifully .


When you question what’s being told by someone you love…Beautiful:)

ammu sachariah

interesting poem.

asoke kumar mitra

very sad write, love is not slavery……….heart wrenching write. but its true….every body wants that way…………………………………imagery are nice…..bold and beautiful……in a summary, lovely sad write..
god bless

Makaylah Downs

absolutely beautiful


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