Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Teddy Bears Picnic prose poem

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Teddy Bear’s Picnic
From out of the mist high in the alpine, a massive mother black bear leading three magnificent cubs.
Mother’s coat has a glistening golden hue, rippling as she ambles out across a variegated moss carpeted meadow.With three freely frolicking cubs, challenging one another for first place. At mom’s side.
This wilderness family has just left their den site for the first time. Here, in the alpine,all things are new for the teddy bears who are interested in the tranquility of Nature.
Suddenly! this young family begins its training.With Mother standing up on hind legs, nose into the prevailing alpine breeze. Sampling all scents.
After a winter of hibernation, Mother bear’s hunger is keen. Dropping down onto all fours, she lumbers off, with three teddy bears in hot pursuit. Barging into a thicket of brush, a bees nest is found! Three young cubs turn and run. Get away was not fast enough to avoid being stung on the nose. Rubbing their snouts on blow downs the bees are persuaded to turn tail. Leaving the wise Mother feeding on bee stings and honey.
The bit of honey being devoured, Mother of many welts, saunters out of the brush to her amazed family. Leaving the wild honey bees to rebuild their destroyed premises, blacky, wearing a golden coat, ambles off down the slope into the sub alpine. And begins ripping out stumps, ants magically appear! The hungry cubs need no coaxing. Moving in on their own free will the teddy bear’s picnic has begun.
Mother’s snout, still sticky from the flaming honey feast has a mass of ants stuck fast. Three feisty tongues, challenging each other for mom’s sticky nourishment.
Straying further afield, Mother black bear leads her frolicking family of three to a favorite trout stream. Teaming with life! Wading out into a placid pool, Mother begins tossing rainbow trout up on to the shore. Three rambunctious cubs know just what to do. Scrambling over one another, fighting for all that they can get of these wilderness brook trout.
Yes! there was plenty for all. Even the master fish thrower had her fill.
Wild honey, Ants, and rainbow trout. My! What a picnic for mom’s teddy bears.

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The poem so beautifully captures the hunting training a mother bear gives her cubs…Nice poem:)


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