The Cold Night

The Cold Night elegy

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It was a strange night
We woke up with a fright
Confusion surrounded us
We knew not what hounded us.

Looked up,
The sky was Grey
Not a single star,
We stood together
Yet felt afar,
No wind blew
Time stood still.
A very cold night
In the summer month.

Looking into the horizon
We stood trying to reason
Sadness sneaked in
Emptiness took over
It weighed on our heart
Something, somewhere wasn’t right.

Then the messenger came
Said he’d called off the game
We stood too stunned to react
We had been done without an attack.

Poet’s Note:
On 25th June 2009 we woke up in the dead of the night and there was a strange silence around us. Of course it was very late in the night and way past midnight and somehow we had been woken up from our sound sleep and after that we just could not get back into bed. We just stood in the balcony gazing at the sky for about an hour or so before we finally went back to sleep and then woke up when my mother called sometime between 7 and 8 and announced Michael Jackson’s death which felt like a cruel joke till we confirmed it on our own.

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I can't call myself a writer but yes I have enjoyed penning down my thoughts, at times sharing at other times secretly saving them. In school and college had some of my work published and I did participate in essay writing and debating but never took it up professionally. That was a choice I don't regret. Internet and social media have somewhere given me the courage to re-discover this side of me and I am glad that I have started sharing. I will definitely try to be more active. I enjoy all kinds of writing and what I write or read does not always depend on my mood. There have been times when I have been extremely happy but the words that I have penned down have been extremely sad and poignant and vice-versa. It is wonderful to connect with more poets/writers through this site.
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“Then the messenger came
Said he’d called off the game
We stood too stunned to react
We had been done without an attack.” Loved these lines ma’am.. I am too small to comment on your poems ma’am. Your poems are great. Loved reading it. 🙂


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